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Healthier levels of vitamin C can reduce inflammatory conditions

Weight Training For Seniors? Yes!

Sunlight and vitamin D findings may help to understanding of autoimmune diseases

Increased Recommended Dietary Vitamin C Could Help Reduce Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer

Seven hours sleep needed to avoid mental decline, Vancouver Alzheimer’s conference told

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Vitamin D deficiency associated with poor lung function in child asthmatics

Detecting Alzheimer’s early could change lives

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Weight loss resulting from a low-fat diet may help eliminate menopausal symptoms

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WEIGHT LOSS: Artificial sweeteners no silver bullet for losing weight

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New study shows omega-3 improves memoryEating strawberries can reduce diabetes risk

Eating strawberries can reduce diabetes risk

Type 1 Diabetes Can Be Reversed Using Antibodies

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80 percent of Type 2 diabetes in the United States can be prevented

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The Global Diabetes Epidemic, Brought to You by Global Development

Antipsychotic Drugs Linked to Higher Odds for Diabetes in Pregnancy

Fast Food Intake Increases Risk of Diabetes and Heart Disease in Singapore

Diabetes reversed in mice

Stem cells can beat back diabetes: UBC research

Coffee Lowers Risk of Diabetes and Liver Fibrosis, Hepatitis and Prostate Cancer

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Diabetes Drugs Linked To Increased Risk Of Death

Diabetes: Weight-Loss Surgery May Not Reverse Disease

Fructose Not So Bad For Diabetes When Consumed In Moderation: Study

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Sun exposure, vitamin D and pancreatic cancer risk

Diabetes doctors: NYC big-soda ban is just a start

Diabetes on the rise in children

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Food, Sex, Obesity and Weight Loss: What Are the Connections?

Alcohol Abuse Up After Weight Loss Surgery: Study

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Diabetes May Speed Cognitive Decline

Peaches, plums, nectarines give obesity, diabetes slim chance

Amazing weight loss inspires others

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Government Must Focus on Healthy Children’s Diets to Prevent Diabetes

Gene May Link Diabetes and Alzheimer’s

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Obesity hike could mean $1b diabetes bill

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Experimental diabetes drugs offer patients hope

Weight Loss Can Be a Lose-Lose for Formerly Obese Women

Kindness trumps Big Apple weight-loss advice

Pre-diabetes ups risk of future stroke

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Diabetes Week is 10-16 June

Researchers develop Alzheimer’s vaccine

Obesity, Diabetes May Raise Complications After Joint Replacement

Drinking water won’t aid weight loss