Top Weight Loss Mistakes Revealed

With so much conflicting advice about weight loss in the media and online, it should be no surprise that men and women everywhere often make mistakes while trying to lose weight. Weight Loss Guide understands the importance of education and facts when discussing weight loss and has developed a list of the most common weight loss mistakes to help consumers everywhere meet their fat loss goals.


Weight Loss Guide’s Top 10 Weight Loss Mistakes Revealed


1. Falling for weight loss myths. Don’t believe everything you read or hear – many lies and exaggerations are made by companies trying to convince you they know the best ways to lose weight fast.


2. Starting a diet that you can’t commit to.


3. Becoming discouraged when you experience a day or two with no weight loss. Water weight, menstrual cycles and weight loss stalls can all lead to a few days with no weight loss. Don’t become discouraged, your weight loss will pick up again soon. If you are still concerned or your stall continues for more than a few days, try addingPantoSure™ to your program.


4. Not drinking enough water.


5. Not weighing yourself at the same time every day. Body weight varies throughout the day – weigh yourself in the morning in order to accurately track your weight loss.


6. Not keeping a food journal.


7. Eating too few calories. This can cause your metabolism to shut down and will result in little to no weight loss.


8. Not recognizing why you gained weight in the first place.


9. Watching too much television. Instead of watching sports on TV, go out and get active.


10. Overindulging on “healthy foods”.

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