Eleotin® Kalimera Hypno Therapy

Eleotin® Kalimera therapy for the treatment of insomnia and depression, which has never failed before (based on data up to 2020.3.)

(Psalms 127:2 – It is of no use for you to get up early, and to go late to your rest, with the bread of sorrow for your food; for the Lord gives to his loved ones in sleep.)

Our company has been preparing this for a long time and is now recommending it at full confident. This therapy is absolutely safe and is a very good way of treating insomnia and depression. It does not fail, so we hope you will try it.

Pre-sequences: Theoretical background

Eleotin means ‘grace’, and Kalimera means ‘good morning’ in Greek.

That is, the product name itself is to welcome the morning with grace. To do this, you have to get dopamine in the morning and melatonin in the evening. In order to do that, the circuitry in the brain needs to be reconstructed.

1. By this method, you can cut off almost all types of sleeping pills. Most sleeping pills, as is already well known, have little effect in the long run. Even worse, they have a huge negative impact on the brain. It causes dementia, behavioral problems, and depression. For women in particular with long-term doses of sleeping pills due to insomnia overlap with metabolic syndrome, anxiety, and depression, it is almost certain that dementia will eventually occur. (of course, the same goes for men).


2-1. Eleotin® Kalimera therapy works fast. Most people sleep like a baby from the day when they start this method. However, our goal is to take it one step further.

It is not about injecting chemicals into the brain to “force” someone to sleep in a “chemical” way but about being completely cured, without side effects, because it involves fixing many of the brain’s “damaged” circuits. In other words, it takes about six months to get you to sleep on your own without sleeping pills, or even without our products.

Eventually, you won’t need any sleeping pills or our products when you go to bed. Even though our products have excellent health effects without any side effects or risks, even if you do not use our products, you can sleep deeply and soundly without any medication.

2-2. Theoretically, it’s based on Neuroplasticity and three or four other theories.

I am about to tell you the conclusion of “Neuroplasticity”, a theory that has recently become the norm in the world of neurosurgery in the United States.

“A small number of “satisfied sense of achievement” corrects the secretion of hormone, dopamine and the brain circuits related to connection. By making the brain frequently feel a small number of “satisfied sense of accomplishment,” that is, through “good learning,” this creates a new circuit that replaces the broken circuitry in the brain due to “bad stimulation” such as despondency, dissatisfaction, insecurity, and fear, etc.”

A) “small”, B) “new”, C) “many times”, D) “satisfied” is the trick. This is the opposite to a) big, b) repeated, c) once, d) grandiose goal attainment.

For example, ‘satisfied’ small goals are:

– Walk OOO steps before 5 p.m. everyday

– Do OO squats, and OO pushups

– Do Yoga and Pilates for OO minutes

– Read and memorize OO Bible phrases

– Able to recite the phrase you memorized the day before in the morning (Psalms 119:148)

– Say thank you O times a day

– No drinking, and no coffee

– Not to eat salty and spicy food

– No snacks

– Lose 2 kg body weight each month by reducing starch to half in a diet

– Not to watch television or use cell phone after 7 p.m.

– Close your eyes in the dark after 9 p.m.

– Get up without alarm before 6 o’clock in the morning, etc…

Let me emphasize one more time. Do not set too big goals. But those like you can feel ‘satisfied and proud’ when you achieve ‘small and easy goals …’ This is very important.

The reason is that “If you set up huge goals, you may not be able to achieve it. Definitely you will feel frustrated by failing to achieve the huge goals, and this will have the opposite effect of the treatment that we are trying to do. (It may be very difficult for Asians who are used to the culture of college entrance exams.)

“I will walk 10,000 steps before 5 p.m.”  Do not set this type of goal, but a smaller goal like 3,000 steps, five push-ups. In this way, you can always achieve the “small goals”, and have “small satisfaction” many times. Do you get the point?

You achieve those small goals mentioned above in the daily life, and you repeatedly feel the sense of satisfaction and achievement. By this process, you make the circuitry of the brain healthier again. This is to feel small satisfaction by achieving small goals, not to be frustrated that you cannot achieve them, or need a bigger resolution. You should not do that. It would be better not to do anything rather than doing that.

‘Big decision… This is not to be accomplished, and it does not help to correct the brain circuit at all. The Confucian culture places great importance on ‘big decisions’ but they are not good for brain health. Small happiness and small satisfaction which is easy to get, without having to make a big decision, are the key to this therapy. If someone says “big decisions,” he or she is saying the exact opposite of this therapy. He or she is just trying to sell medicine.

It is going to need about six months. This small sense of accomplishment can cure insomnia and depression, and they can be fixed permanently, which is the key to this theory.

3. Obviously, you need to get rid of the environment that prevents you from sleeping. To be exact, you need to invest in creating the best environment for sleeping.

The good environment to sleep that we recommend is dark, quiet, well ventilated, temperature at 22 – 23 degrees Celsius, and slightly cool.

To some people, the sound of fans or waves is helpful. (I personally listen to a recorded tape, such as a history lecture or a sermon that makes you sleepy. I think it is good to create the environment to sleep.) Snoring (asymptomatic) should be treated in advance.

And I want to emphasize that sleeping should be a big goal in life. It is a great evil of modern civilization to antagonize sleeping. If a genius or a famous businessman sleeps for four hours, people say ‘Wow’ and think it is great. This kind of social atmosphere is a major evil of modern civilization. When I know someone like that, I think, “He or she is seriously ill.” There’s no such thing as a short, but deep and refreshing sleep. People sleep a lot. You should think ‘Sleeping is the goal, and the healthy sleeper is the winner.’

Spend good money on your bedroom environment including bed, pillow, bedding, pajamas, etc. This is where you must invest the most in your home. You have to invest the most in a place that you spend the most time of a day.

4. Eleotin® Kalimera Therapy

After dinner, two to three hours before you go to bed, take 1 – 2 capsules of ‘Kalimera’ and 2 capsules of ‘Kalimera Hypno.’ If you feel sleepy next day, you can take them earlier.


Kalimera Hypno

Even if you don’t do the things mentioned earlier, and only take the product, you can still sleep well. But if you follow this therapy getting the sense of accomplishment through these things, you’ll be able to feel the freshness like flying the next morning.

5. The Proven chemical / physiological action of Eleotin® Kalimera therapy – Complex synergies

I’m going to explain why this simple therapy works so well.

5-1. Hormone Control

With this therapy, endorphins will be released during the day, and dopamine will be released in the morning. Therefore, in the morning, you wake up feeling excited about today, and you get creative and happy during the day.

Once you start living like that, the circuitry in the brain gets better and better. People have a feeling of being a new person. (I think, in the physiological aspect, the experience of religious renewal is also a full repair of the brain circuit.)

5-2. Reduce Insulin Resistance

If your brain has insulin resistance, problems like hypnotic poisoning, perpetuation of insomnia, sugar addiction, and dementia likely follow. I believe, since our products lower insulin resistance in the brain as well as the body, our company owns the only technology of reducing insulin resistance with natural herbs, and we monopolize this therapy.

5-3. Technical Cooperation with China (Tsinghua University and other experts) and Vietnam

After the Opium War in the 1800s and awakened greatly by the experience of opium poisoning of a major crisis, China has conducted nation-wide studies of addiction through Chinese medicine. With those studies proven by the cutting-edge scientific foundation, China has established a strong technological foundation for treating addiction with natural herbs.

As you know, Eastwood has been working with China’s top researchers for a long time. We have applied this “treating addiction through natural herbs” treatment technology to our products.

I always talk about some episodes. I also mention the know-how of how I solved the opium poisoning with natural and high-quality herbs to one of my Vietnamese friends. (In fact, there is a lot of overlap with our original P-700.)

5-4. We use the most ideal melatonin.

As far as we know, pure melatonin is produced by only one manufacturer around the world. This manufacturer has monopolized it. In other words, one pharmaceutical company in Italy exclusively produces pure melatonin. Melatonin produced in other factories contains serotonin, which is equivalent to impurities. The problem is that this serotonin has the opposite effect to melatonin. To lower production costs, many other melatonin-related products of other manufacturers do not remove serotonin from their products because removing this serotonin from the melatonin production process is very expensive. (Without doing so, they still have no problem in selling their products.)

Most consumers taking melatonin take a lot of the opposite hormone content at the same time. So, it is less effective and has a lot of side effects. And in our view, the volume of melatonin products sold in the market is not at all accurate.

The melatonin that we put into Kalimera Hypno is the one produced by the Italian manufacturer. It is very expensive, but high-quality with no serotonin.

Please refer to below for melatonin, which is considered the herb of eternal youth in this modern world.

Note: The role of melatonin – Anti-cancer and dementia prevention effects (from a Korean post in Naver)

5-5. Adjusting the Circadian Rhythm

‘Kalimera’ controls the biological rhythm associated with intestinal activity, and therefore helps to relieve the bowel detox and constipation. ‘Kalimera Hypno’ regulates the biological rhythm associated with brain activity. Combine these two products is a very effective way in controlling both the digestive system and the brain’s biorhythm. Airline employees love these products.

(I have always had a lot of trouble adjusting to the jet lag. I personally tested this therapy and my jet lag problem has disappeared to the point where my family is so amazed.)

*Additional help to sleep well – Detox baths using Epsom salt.

Fill the bathtub with warm water between 27 and 32 degrees, add 1 teaspoon coconut oil, up to 5 drops of lavender oil, and 2 cups of Epsom salt and mix well with your hands or feet. Then enter the bathtub and soak for at least 12 minutes or up to an hour. This helps to increase magnesium levels in the body, relieve muscle pain, and treat colds, and above all, it helps to relax the mind and body, and helps you to sleep.

* Up to this point if this therapy still has not solved your problems, please take our natural pain reliever, “Eleotin® Phytospirin”, around 4:00 p.m. 1 or 2 capsules.

Aspirin sold in the drugstore is a chemical reproduction of the herb based on the action of an herb. It is a very good medicine, but there is still inherent limit as a chemical. Our product is a natural product made of the original herb from which it was based.

That is, no matter how good the pills imitated from natural rice are, it is better to make rice with good natural rice.


The method mentioned is much worth to be recommended than any other chemical treatment in dealing with insomnia, depression, and anxiety. We can conclude that Eleotin® Kalimera therapy is probably the only way to permanently change the circuitry in the brain without any side effects. As far as we know, no prescription drugs achieve such good result mentioned above without the conflict of efficacy.  Above all, this therapy is an extremely safe treatment.

We have done a lot of research in this treatment, and I will continue to introduce them to you.