CEO Introduction

Dr. Youngsoo Kim’s Biography

Dr. Youngsoo Kim is a well known scholar in the area of international finance. He is a major shareholder, and Chief Executive Officer of Eastwood Companies, which own an investment banking operation, a biomedical operation, a multimedia studio operation, a beverage operation, and an international trading operation.


• Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Ph.D. in Economics) 1987
• National Taiwan University (Masters Program in Economics) 1983
• Seoul National University (B.A. in International Politics) 1980
• Kyunggi High School 1974.

Academic/ Media-Career:

• Assistant Professor of Finance at the University of Alberta in Edmonton
• Was awarded numerous fellowships including the Royal Bank Fellowship in International Business
• Was awarded the Outstanding Full Time Professor’s award during first year of teaching (University of Alberta)
• Published research in such academic journals including Economics Letters (Harvard University) on the relationship between flow of information and financial trading volume, and, Advanced Drug Delivery Review on the Pathogenesis of Diabetes.
• Authored a few books such as Beer Story, an anthropological study on tribal beers, and Secrets of Sundial, an anthropological study on concepts of time. These books were translated in a few languages and featured on TV shows internationally used at various universities.
• Frequently appears on TV internationally as a guest on the issues of health and finance.
• Writes articles frequently on various newspapers and magazines.

Government of Korea:
• Director of the Asian Section in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
• Protocol secretary in the Korean Presidential Palace
• Director of the Trade Promotion Section in the Ministry of Industry and Commerce

Asian and Canadian Business Career:
• Advises senior management of numerous Korean firms including Hyundai, Gold Star, and Samsung
• Advises the governments of both the Republic of Korea and the People’s Republic of China
• Advised Japanese firms such as Toua House, Mutsumi, and E.I.E.
• Vice President of Toshin Butsuryu (Toyota Automobile)
• CEO of Mutsumi Enterprises.
• Vice Chairman of EIE group.
• Managed international portfolios
• Advised the department of External Affairs of Canada on matters of international finance