Alternative medicine: Health benefits of astragalus

Today, natural medicine is highly used to complement the conventional medicine. The use of herbs had been left to the traditional healers. However, due to their array of benefits they are slowly being integrated into modern science. Herbs are believed to be eco-friendly. In addition, they are also safe to use and handle as they do not contain chemicals or artificial substances, conversely if correctly used they do not have side effects. Herbs not only cure ailments but improve the overall health of individuals. Among those herbs is Astragalus.

The Astragalus herb is widely known for its effective use as an immune booster and stimulator. The Chinese have relied on the health benefits of Astragalus herb for many centuries. Mostly, they locally refer to the herb as Huang-Qi, Bok kay, Milk-vetch root or the Yellow Vetch.


The herb is widely used by patients suffering from cancer as it enhances their affected immune system. This is due to the various polysaccharides, active and trace elements found in the herb such as selenium. These elements increase the amount of T-cells in cancer patients thereby increasing their chances for survival. In addition, the Astragalus herb also protects the body cells of cancer patients from further harm especially due to the various heavy metals and toxic chemicals they are subjected to when being treated.


As an immune booster the Astragalus herb is used to relieve fevers. Scientists have also classified the herb as a diuretic, a characteristics that enables the herb to improve the digestive system. The other health benefits of Astragalus herb include treating cardiovascular ailments. This herb is believed to contain antioxidants that help improve the health and functions of the heart. The antioxidants also curb the development of symptoms related to cardiovascular diseases.


The Astragalus herb is used to cleanse the kidney and liver, treat hepatitis, nephritis, diabetes, organ prolapsed and stomach ulcers. However, before enjoying the various health benefits of Astragalus herb individuals are advised to seek diagnosis from health care professionals. By visiting the relevant physicians individuals get the right prescription and thus appropriately use the herb to obtain maximum results.


Professional advice is important especially to children, pregnant women, and those that are breast-feeding as wrong dosages may negatively affect them worsening their condition. Extra caution should be taken by individuals suffering from acute feverish conditions as these maybe symptoms of various diseases. As beneficial as it is, the Astragalus Herb should not be used by patients with auto immune diseases as it may worsen symptoms associated with these diseases.



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