Sensible Weight Control

Eleotin®Mb cannot and will not compete with quick weight loss products that make absurd claims.

It is easy to make products that enable users to lose a lot of weight quickly; however, these ‘results’ are harmful and temporary. Any competent chemist can create a quick weight-loss formula by mixing powerful diuretics (chemicals that increase urination) with ‘mildly toxic’ substances (Yes, that’s right: toxic). Once these formulas are ingested, the body does everything it can to push the toxic substances out, a process further promoted by the diuretics in the product. Some weight is lost in this obviously harmful process, but most of it stems from the loss of water – not really from fat. The goal of losing weight should be to improve health, but these products do the opposite. If individuals choose to sacrifice their own health for weight loss, we cannot compete with these hazardous products. It makes no sense.

On the other hand, Eleotin®Mb is not really a weight ‘loss’ product. It is a metabolism normalizer. If an underweight person takes Eleotin® Mb, he will actually ‘gain’ weight. Eleotin®Mb normalizes the body’s metabolism in a healthy and safe way with benefits almost permanent and definitely long-lasting. Pretty good, isn’t it? No wonder the president of American Diabetes Association at one time recommended that EBMR, the maker of Eleotin® products to develop this product. Eleotin® had started as a safe diabetes product, but soon many experts started to notice the safety of the Eleotin® technology and recommended it to be applied to the weight loss programs. After all, the control of blood glucose is intimately related to the weight control issue.

So far, Eleotin®Mb has been marketed solely to children with weight problems. This wasn’t because it isn’t beneficial for adults, but, Eleotin®Mb could just not compete with the ‘toxic’ products with their aggressive ad campaigns that flash their outrageous claims with no scientific supports what so ever. But for the children’s weight loss problems, there are, however, parents who care about the ‘safety’ of the products their children ingest, and for these sensible and loving consumers, we could compete with anybody. Probably, Eleotin®Mb is the only safe product that can be used even for children. Around the beginning of 2007, the rumors caught on and the adult demands for the Eleotin®Mb increased virtually explosively.

Let us discuss now the ideal weight management strategies:

1) Fasting: By drastically reducing food intake, a person can lose about a pound a day. But fasting is difficult and painful. If a person has such a strong willpower, he is better off using it on much healthier programs. The person’s normal metabolism pattern is often destroyed irreparably. The metabolism goes into a starvation mode in which the body tries to save as much nourishment as possible. Usually, people actually gain more weight after a few weeks, and, reducing their weight becomes extremely difficult after the fasting as the body has already entered the starvation mode. Depression is a very common result of fasting and this often leads to overeating. Permanent damages to key organs can occur.

2) Selective diets such as the Hollywood Diet, the Scarsdale Diet, the Atkins’ Diet, or even the Grape Diet (and much more) have become increasingly popular. They sound less painful. Usually, these diets are celebrated with claims like, “You can eat as much as you like, and still lose weight.” In reality, however, most of these diets have exactly the same problems as fasting. Body reacts to the selective diet the same way to the fasting. When there is no balance in nutrition, it is as bad as the malnutrition.

3) Medication (Pills and Drugs): Lots and lots of side effects. Extremely harmful! Period. Many deaths, many lawsuits…

4) Most Herbal Products: Many makers of herbal weight loss products do not know how and why these have the effects they do. Ignorance is bliss for them! They take shotgun approaches in the manufacturing and just do not know exactly what the working ingredients are. Also, it is not rare for these products to contain prohibited substances like Mahuang (Ephedra, a stimulant classified as a narcotic.) and thyroid gland stimulants. Worse, many of these products achieve weight loss by inducing artificial indigestion. They simply do not have underlying science. True, Eleotin® itself is a herbal product. But Eleotin® distinguishes itself as its working mechanisms have been thoroughly researched (in the form of numerous animal tests and clinical studies by universities and governments for example), and proven to be absolutely safe.

5) Weight Loss Machines: These are beneficial in that healthy muscles are built when we use these machines. However, tedium is a universal experience in using them. Most of these machines are not used after a few days. Also, these machines often excessively impact the same locations of our body, resulting in injuries quite often.

We believe that the following are 6 sensible weight management strategies:

1) ‘Safety’ should be the foremost important criteria.
2) The whole body approach should be taken rather than addressing a certain part of our body, as most of us are prone to do for cosmetic purposes.
3) Instead of focusing solely on weight loss, a Metabolism Normalization Approach should be taken. (In medical terms, so called ‘insulin resistance’ should be reduced.)
4) The weight loss program should not involve too much pain. Also, it should be relatively convenient.
5) The method should not develop resistance or dependence. Many weight loss dietary supplements are addictive and habit forming. Be careful. The effects should be long term. The Yo-Yo syndrome should not occur.
6) The effectiveness of the program should be supported by reliable science.

As far as our research tells us, Eleotin® Mb is the only product that we know of that meets all the above conditions. It is safe enough to be used on our childrenI use this product on all my own children. Its science is powerful enough to be recommended at one time by the president of the American Diabetes Association. The weight loss program works a lot more efficiently if Eleotin Pedo-Protection socks are used at the same time. Eleotin Pedo-protection socks promote the blood circulation to and from your feet by more than 20%, greatly stimulating healthy metabolism.

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