Amazing weight loss inspires others

FOR Bundaberg woman Delma Lovell, losing an astounding 58kg has transformed her life and allowed her to do things she never imagined she could.


But Ms Lovell is not the only one locally to achieve great results with weight loss program Weight Watchers.

In the past 18 months about 300 members from seven groups in the Bundaberg region have lost a combined total of almost 6000kg.


Ms Lovell joined Weight Watchers in 2003 and took a sound and steady approach to her weight loss, taking two years and three months to reach her goal weight.


“It totally changed my life,” she said.


“Recently I travelled to the Gold Coast and completed the SkyPoint tower climb at Q1.


“Before (losing the weight), even walking around was a struggle.”


Now a group leader with Bundaberg Weight Watchers, Ms Lovell is helping others transform their own lives by offering inspirational support.


“I’m able to assist members because I know and understand what they go through on their weight-loss journey,” she said.


“When I was losing weight, I attended meetings every week and it was great to get that support.”


A lifetime member with Weight Watchers, Ms Lovell said dropping the kilos wasn’t easy, but she believed it was something anyone could achieve.


“I think anyone who has tried to lose weight will tell you it’s challenging,” she said.


“But Weight Watchers is about normal, healthy everyday food and just incorporating some physical activity into your daily routine.”


Ms Lovell said the flexible program could be adapted to suit everyone and taught members lifelong lessons.


“I had a general idea about healthy eating, but the program showed me how to put it into practice,” she said.


“It’s something members and their families can continue to follow for the rest of their lives.


“And it’s helped me to keep the weight off for six years.”


The details


For more details on the Weight Watchers program or to join, phone 13 19 97 or to find group meeting times and locations in your area.

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