Diabetes Week is 10-16 June

PRWEB UK) 8 June 2012

Diabetes Week is fast approaching in the UK and there is no better time for a blood pressure check. From 10-16 June 2012, millions of people will pause to reflect on the seriousness of diabetes during Diabetes Week.

In the UK alone 2.5 million people suffer from type 2 diabetes and nearly one tenth of the entire NHS budget is spent managing diabetes and its complications. That is nearly £9 billion a year spent on this deadly disease, making diabetes and the complications surrounding it one of the most serious health risks in the nation and a financial burden on the health system.


One of the more serious complications of type 2 diabetes is hypertension or high blood pressure. Hypertensionaffects nearly 70% of patients with diabetes and is twice as likely to occur in people with diabetes as in those without diabetes. With those who suffer from type 2 diabetes the news is even grimmer. It is estimated that 40-50% of all people with type 2 diabetes have arterial hypertension which means a blood pressure greater than 160/95 mm/Hg.


Adults who have both type 2 diabetes and hypertension have a greater chance of developing kidney and coronary heart disease, making it even more imperative that these individuals get their blood pressure checked often. Diabetes Week starting on 10th June is the perfect time to check in on that pesky blood pressure.


Although a deadly combination, the news is not all bad. Making minor adjustments can make a big difference. A leading expert in hypertension and diabetes recently stated, “Hypertension and diabetes can significantly increase the risks of heart disease, and having both together can be deadly. Over 90% of cases of hypertension can be helped by simple lifestyle changes, and studies are beginning to show that even type 2 diabetes can be reversed in this way too”.


Many people are turning to programmes like Hypnotension to make those changes in lifestyle. The Hypnotension programme is the result of over 10 years of research and work with hypertension and was developed for those with high blood pressure. Hypnotension practitioners work closely with patients to determine their individual needs and then develop a specialised treatment for those clients that provide an effective method of controlling high blood pressure.


Whatever the treatment for high blood pressure, it all starts with the knowledge that comes with a blood pressure check. Millions will be getting theirs checked soon during Diabetes Week.

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