The Therapeutics Of ELEOTIN : 4.0. How to Use ELEOTIN

4.1. How Does ELEOTIN Provide a Balanced Therapy?

4.1.1. Usage

ELEOTIN is composed of three different herbal plant combinations which work together synergistically to provide an overall balanced treatment. Each formula is taken at a different time of the day to provide maximum and total benefit.

30 minutes before meals
Lowers the blood glucose level after meals by stimulating insulin secretion
On an empty stomach
Strengthens the function of insulin receptors
Before bedtime
Creates and strengthens ß-cells

ELEOTIN is to be consumed as a supplement to your regular diet. To benefit fully from ELEOTIN, Eastwood recommends that you observe a regime that includes a well-balanced diet and low fat, high fibre foods, regular exercise and abstention from alcohol. It is important to follow the directions for use carefully and take each formula at the appropriate time to achieve the best results.

The importance of diet, exercise, and stress management cannot be overly emphasised in the successful management of diabetes type II even when ELEOTIN is administered. Diet, exercise, and stress, as well as genetic, environmental, and psychological factors may offer possible explanations for the variation that exists among diabetes type II patients in response to ELEOTIN administration. Differences in the genetic make-up among diabetics results in different physiological conditions at the cellular and molecular level, such as different rates of insulin receptor up-regulation and different levels of insulin secretion, insulin synthesis, and GLUT2 protein synthesis.

4.1.2. Cautions

It is obvious that a diabetic patient should not stop taking hypoglycemic drugs until his blood glucose level reduces and fully stabilizes due to ELEOTIN’s effects. We can not emphasize too strongly the danger of premature discontinuance of other diabetic treatments when ELEOTIN is administered. The danger of premature discontinuance of other diabetic treatment is all the more serious because patients who begin to feel remarkable improvement of general health conditions are easily tempted to discontinue chemically based hypoglycemic drugs.

According to our experience, patients often misinterpret the general improvement of health for the sign of being cured of diabetes as ELEOTIN users experience the general health improvement prior to the cure of diabetes itself. Diabetes is a serious disease. Patients should use common sense. They should not stop effective treatments just because they feel well for some time.

However, there are also not so infrequent cases where patients experience hypoglycemia because they continue to take other hypoglycemic agents even after ELEOTIN’s curative effects helped the body to naturally reduce and stabilize the blood glucose levels. In that case, hypoglycemic drugs simply overkill. Clearly, ELEOTIN does not cause hypoglycemia. ELEOTIN just normalizes blood glucose levels, while hypoglycemic agents further push down blood glucose levels, causing hypoglycemia. In fact, ELEOTIN’s up-regulation of insulin receptors is an effective defensive mechanism against potential hypoglycemia caused by excessive secretion of insulin-stimulated by chemical hypoglycemic agents especially such as sulfonylurea. So, regular monitoring and regular consulting with the physicians are always needed.

People who have suffered diabetes for a long time, and heard about remarkably encouraging results of ELEOTIN tend to be so impatient to experience the benefits that they often overdose themselves with needlessly excessive amounts of ELEOTIN, expecting quicker and stronger results. Of course, ELEOTIN itself is quite safe even when consumed in substantial quantities.

However, drinking too much water with ELEOTIN from time to time creates emergency situations for those people with serious urination problems from kidney failure. Even though these patients can experience remarkable improvement of this urination problem in the long run when they slowly increase the ELEOTIN consumption, they should start with a very small quantity such as 1 gram per serving. If the daily water intake is limited, they can start the ELEOTIN treatment without any preparation. They can just take small quantity of the powder itself until the urination function is improved. Recovery of urination functions and improvements of kidney health are the most common testimonies of ELEOTIN users.

We strongly recommend the patient to take prudent and moderate approach toward ELEOTIN treatment. Also, as ELEOTIN is not an inexpensive treatment anyhow due to the scarcity of material and difficulty of quality control, there are little benefits to gain from the excessive consumption. Another reason for moderate use of ELEOTIN is that one of the fundamental philosophy behind the working of ELEOTIN prescribe a combinatorial, thus mild approach toward this chronic disease. Excessive consumption may defeat the basic spirit of such a synergistic approach even though no harmful consequences will result. What body needs is a correct signal, not a strong signal. We do not push the button for a higher floor harder. We just push the right button. We invite the users to take a prudent and moderate approach.

4.2. Preparation for All 3 Formulas

4.2.1. Stove Top or Slow Cook

  1. Open one 8-gram pouch and pour into 360 ml (1-1/2 cups) of water.
  2. Cook on low heat for 1 to 2 hours until reduced by half.
  3. Do not boil.
  4. Sediment is drinkable but in rare cases may produce stomach upset. If so, drink liquid only, or reduce quantity.
  5. If you are unaccustomed to herbal products, you may start with a smaller quantity, such as 4 grams (1/2 pouch), and increase gradually.
  6. You may prepare 2 to 3 servings at one time. Store in a tightly sealed bottle and refrigerate.
  7. Drink warm.


4.2.2. Alternative Preparations

Separate preparation described above surely means substantial inconvenience. Eastwood found that users who mix all three and treat them as one formula still enjoy many of the desirable effects of ELEOTIN.

However, there seems to be some sacrifice in the speed at which the beneficial power of ELEOTIN takes full effect. In extreme case, some users who mix all three formulas then simply consume the powder directly without any further preparation, still experience quite impressive results.

However, Eastwood believes that some ingredients and nutrients should be heated for an adequate amount of time in order to be extracted from the fibers in which the ingredients are embedded so that informs optimal digestion and absorption can be attained. Also, we found that the effects of ELEOTIN stayed almost intact when prepared with Microwave ovens like

(1) Open one 8-gram pouch and pour into 200 ml (3/4 cup) of water.

(2) Cook 10 to 20 minutes with medium to low heat until volume is 180 ml.

(3) Do not boil. Do not overflow.

(4) Sediment is drinkable but in rare cases may produce stomach upset. If so, drink liquid only,
or reduce quantity.

(5) If you are unaccustomed to herbal products, you may start with a smaller quantity,
such as 4 grams (1/2 pouch), and increase gradually.

(6) You may prepare 2 to 3 servings at one time. Store in a tightly sealed bottle and refrigerate.

(7) Drink warm.

We found that when ELEOTIN is prepared with higher heat, the taste often becomes somewhat bitter. We recommend a slow simmering like preparation rather than a quick boiling. Eastwood is currently working on making ELEOTIN in a convenient tablet form, and testing whether the efficacy and the safety will stay the same. A more convenient form of ELEOTIN will be available for consumers in the near future, however it may be slightly more expensive.

4.3. How Long Does It Take to Benefit from ELEOTIN?

Treatment with ELEOTIN results in lower levels of blood glucose, and following termination of treatment these blood glucose levels remain low.

The beneficial effects of ELEOTIN are apparent within a period of 3 to 12 months and ELEOTIN continues to demonstrate beneficial effects for the duration of the treatment period.

Type of patient
When you will experience beneficial effects
When you will be able to reduce your daily consumption of ELEOTIN
Patient with mild symptoms7
Approximately 3 months 
Approximately 6 months 
Patient with severe symptoms8
Approximately 6 months 
Approximately 1 to 2 years 
Patient with impaired function of ß-cells
6 months to 1 year 
Several years

ELEOTIN does not affect diabetes type II patients in a uniform manner. Genetic factors and environmental factors, such as diet and exercise, may vary the response of individuals to ELEOTIN.