Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that can strengthen the immune system and destroy cancer causing free radicals. Most us today need to take Vitamin C supplements to acquire the sufficient amount. But almost all of the Vitamin C supplements are composed entirely of ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is widely accepted today, even by experts, as being the equivalent to Vitamin C. But this is a misunderstanding deliberately spread by deceitful businesses.

Real “Vitamin C” is actually made by a group of substances that produce a health effect labelled as “C.” Ascorbic acid is just one of these substances. It hardly produces any “C” health effect and acts mostly as an industrial preservative. Also, ingesting large amounts of ascorbic acid can actually harm you by causing arteriosclerosis, stroke, and kidney stones. It can also be harmful in the fight against cancer.

Eleotin® Mao is a high quality product that contains substantial amounts of the very natural ingredients missing in other Vitamin C products: lutein, bioflavonoids, Factor K, Factor J, Factor P, and tyrosinase, as well as high quality ascorbic acid. As a result, Eleotin® Mao is a cutting edge product with powerful anti-oxidation powers that are preserved superbly. It is by far the superior choice over the industrial preservative sold on the market today.



The Truth About Vitamin C

Everyone knows Vitamin C is an essential nutrient. 

Consuming enough Vitamin C can halve the time you suffer from a cold (Dr. Pauling), and has a superior effect against the spread of viral infections. The potent anti-oxidation powers of Vitamin C destroys the free radicals in our body. Free radicals are harmful agents that destroy DNA and cells, and cause diseases such as cancers and diabetes. Vitamin C also strengthens the immune system.

The human body could originally produce its own Vitamin C. But as humans became more civilized, the body lost the enzymes that made this possible. It then became necessary to acquire Vitamin C from outside sources. First the body acquires it naturally from food sources, and when that is not enough we must consume supplements.

A healthy person can provide his body with enough Vitamin C through a balanced dietary regime with high quality natural foods. However, unhealthy people (most of us today), the elderly, the highly stressed, smokers, and heavy drinkers need to either follow a specialized diet or take additional supplements.

Today, practically all food is artificially cultivated to the point where even the seeds are genetically manipulated. Chemical fertilizers speed up growth and production, and food is made in factories. Food is then stored for extended periods in the home, and then heated at high temperatures. In this context, Vitamin C is either missing from foods in the first place or destroyed. This all makes getting enough Vitamin C from food difficult.

So we buy and consume additional dietary supplements. The popularity of supplements can be exemplified by the ‘mega-dose therapy’ movement where people take many times the recommended daily dosages of nutrients.

Such widespread popularity in taking these high levels of Vitamin C can be a problem, because of the content of these “Vitamin C” supplements.

Almost all of the Vitamin C on the market is merely ascorbic acid. Even much “expert” literature equates Vitamin C with ascorbic acid. But this is a misunderstanding deliberately spread by deceitful businesses. Ascorbic acid is only one element in a group of substances that form Vitamin C, not Vitamin C itself.

Vitamin’ does not originally refer to one specific chemical. The term actually refers to a large group of chemicals called vitamers that act reciprocally. When a group of vitamers produce an effect that is classified as ‘C’ on the body, then that group is collectively called Vitamin C. Thus, an accurate definition of Vitamin C would be “a group of vitamers that produce a group of health effects classified as ‘C.’”

Ascorbic acid is only one vitamer in this group – just one of the (very) numerous ingredients needed to produce the health effects called ‘C.’

But dishonest industries have mislead the public. Most people now believe that ascorbic acid itself counts as the whole of Vitamin C. There are even scientists who believe this falsity.  When ‘science’ does not deplore such falsities, it is really either a scamming science or a scientific scam – not much more.

Ascorbic acid is originally extracted from corn, and then combined with acetone, a petroleum product. It is a cheaply produced food additive used as an industrial preservative. Ascorbic acid is commonly added to orange and apple juices to prevent discolouration, but chemical companies advertised it as Vitamin C. The acid has a bitter taste. But strong artificial sweet and tart flavours are added to give the impression that the supplement is somehow derived from fruits. Surprisingly, not many consumers are aware that the fruity tastes in their Vitamin C supplements come from potent artificial chemicals.

Ascorbic acid does have some functional importance: it preserves and protects other vitamers that do bring about the ‘C’ effects. But this does not mean it brings about the whole Vitamin C effect on its own. Professor Albert, who discovered Vitamin C, has even explicitly stated that ascorbic acid does not produce the health effects of Vitamin C. But ninety-nine percent of the Vitamin C sold in Korea is ascorbic acid from uncertain sources in China. The consensus of the Korean health industry is that no one can guarantee the safety and efficacy of these supplements.

The crucial mistake here is the failure to distinguish Vitamin C and the preservative that protects its active ingredient. It is the same as eating a refrigerator then wondering why there is a nutritional deficiency. Professor Albert criticized this mentality by noting it was as if one went through all the bother of preparing food, then eating the dish.

Ingesting ascorbic acid alone has 9.1% of the anti-oxidation effect as ingesting a diverse group of ‘C’ vitamers (Life Star). Personally, I’m surprised the acid has even this effect. The 9.1% effect may not have come from ascorbic acid but from alien materials that entered into the batch by mistake during production.

There is a popular notion any excess Vitamin C will easily pass through the body because of its water solubility. In reality, ascorbic acid bonds with important and necessary minerals in the body. Then, when excess ascorbic acid is excreted, large amounts of these beneficial minerals are also forced out of the body.

Many people with a Vitamin C deficiency also lack other nutrients. Because of this, ascorbic acid can doubly harm people who need Vitamin C: first, it fails to produce the necessary ‘C’ health effects. Second, it depletes the body of the crucial minerals that were lacking in the first place.

A more accurate portrait of the process paints a bleaker picture. Ascorbic acid bonds with other chemicals in the body. When the ascorbic acid leaves the body, good minerals and nutrients are flushed out, but significant amounts of salt are left behind in the blood vessels. Even advocates of high Vitamin C consumption confirm that this can result in arteriosclerosis, stroke, and kidney stones. To those who believe that chemicals can simply leave the body safely after artificially ingesting them in such large amounts, one has to ask, “Isn’t it better to just not eat them in the first place?” Even water can have serious side effects when consumed in excessive amounts. It should be obvious that consuming large amounts of an industrial preservative could be harmful.

Some companies melt calcium into ascorbic acid as a last resort to avoid the serious side effects. This forms a type of salt. But the benefits of such a composite cannot  compare to those of lutein, bioflavonoids, Factor K, Factor J, Factor P, and tyrosinase –  substances that naturally contain an abundance of ‘live’ Vitamin C. “Vita” itself means “live,” meaning that the word “Vitamin” indicates the presence of a ‘live’ ingredients. Unfortunately, such natural vitamins are expensive.

Research has revealed another critical problem: cancer cells love ascorbic acid. (Sloan Kettering – the cutting edge American cancer research and treatment clinic). It naturally follows that ascorbic acid decreases the effectiveness of Gleevec and chemotherapy. Vitamin C (real ‘live’ Vitamin C), is needed to restore the cells destroyed by cancer. But considering that cancer cells like ascorbic acid, a patient needs to think twice. It can be confusing as to what to do in this situation when it is hard to tell Vitamin C apart from ascorbic acid. The conclusion, however, is clear: taking only ascorbic acid is harmful in the fight against cancer.

Eleotin® Ma5 is a high quality product that contains substantial amounts of the very natural ingredients missing in other Vitamin C products: lutein, bioflavonoids, Factor K, Factor J, Factor P, and tyrosinase, as well as high quality ascorbic acid. As a result, Eleotin® Ma5 is a cutting edge product with powerful anti-oxidation powers that are preserved superbly.


To recap:

Today, people are exposed to high levels of pollution and stress, and suffering from a myriad of health problems. This requires them to absorb high levels of ‘C’ vitamers.

People cannot acquire enough Vitamin C from the food that is available to them:  genetically modified produce grown using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, processed foods manufactured using extreme heat, and deadly poisons and preservatives. So they take extra Vitamin C supplements.

What we normally buy and eat believing to be Vitamin C supplements is actually only ascorbic acid (not much more than a chemical preservative). This preservative actually makes up only one component of a group of vitamers that make up Vitamin C as a whole. One cannot expect these supplements to produce much health benefits, especially any anti-oxidation effects. Furthermore, ingesting too much ascorbic acid can be harmful to the body.

Natural Vitamin C is the right choice because anti-oxidation powers are fundamentally ‘defensive’ powers. ‘Offensive’ tactics work well when one specific target is attacked. In contrast, ‘defensive’ tactics are more effective when the defensive strengths are spread over wide areas. Similarly, when it comes to a defensive power such as anti-oxidation, ingesting small amounts of a diverse array of natural defenses are far more effective than using large amounts of industrial composite preservatives.

The rationale is similar to covering yourself by wearing a diverse array of raingear (coats, hats, gloves, and boots) instead of shooting a cannon ball towards the sky. Eleotin® Ma5 is made of many natural high quality ingredients for anti-oxidation. It is by far the superior choice over the industrial preservative sold on the market today.

The anti-oxidation effects described in this section (for example, “200 times that of aples”) refers to the anti-oxidation effect of one ingredient or food when used alone. When these are combined with other natural herbs, and not as part of an extracted chemical composite, the anti-oxidation effect is synergetic. This means the increase in the anti-oxidation powers is not equivalent to one plus one equaling two but rather three, and sometimes up to a hundred. So the anti-oxidation power of Eleotin® Ma5 would be at an astonishing level of hundreds of times that of apples.



1. Eleotin® Ma5’s effectiveness increases when taken with Power Eleotin®. Power Eleotin® and Eleotin® Ma5 act in synergy. You can increase your daily intake of Power Eleotin®, and add Eleotin® Ma5 to your regime on days when there is a cold going around, when it’s particularly stressful, or after extreme physical exertion.

Taking these two products together will be helpful towards recovery and protecting yourself from further ailments.

2. In the case of diabetes patients, the excessive sugars in the blood aid harmful agents such as bacteria, enzymes, and viruses to attack cells all over the body. This means diabetes patients are more vulnerable to infection and cancers. Eleotin® Ma5 can especially helpful in counteracting these vulnerabilities. One could say Eleotin® Ma5 is a compulsory supplement for diabetes patients.

3. The makers of Eleotin® Ma5 insisted on using only ingredients harvested in season at their natural source, despite the high costs. All plant life is designed to grow only in their original habitats. When plants are transplanted into different soil and climates, the stress causes the plant to develop tiny amounts of toxins, and the plant itself changes as a result. When these toxins accumulate over long periods of time, they may cause cancer and other diseases. It is important that we consume, to the best of our ability, food that is harvested in season at its original habitat. Food requiring thousands of miles of travel need to be harvested before it is completely ripe. These foods contain strong toxins.

After sitting in containers for weeks after its premature harvest, the food appears edible but the toxins remain. This all means that there are, in fact, scientific bases for ‘eating local.’ A secret to good health may be eating an abundance of the local region’s natural foods while they are in season.

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