ELEOTIN Neuro-Health



Eleotin® Neuro Health Formula focuses specifically on improving neural health by restoring brain cells. The first effect is to treat insulin resistance, and normalize your body’s blood flow. The second effect is to cleanse the plaque clogging your carotid artery, and smooth the circulation of blood in your brain. It’s not only effective, but also safe. It is not a synthetic chemical as pharmaceutical drugs are. It is a safe food supplement that will improve your brain health when taken for a long time. There are many scientific proofs showing that Eleotin® reduces the insulin resistance, which researchers recently found as an important cause of Alzheimer’s. Besides preventing Alzheimer’s, memory and cognitive functions are also enhanced.

Directions: Take 3 times a day, Morning (LBM), Afternoon (LBM + Afternoon Formula), Night (LBM + Night Formula). (5 capsules daily)

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1 Month, 4 Months (3+1)