ELEOTIN® is the natural choice for helping people with blood glucose level (BGL) and obesity problems.

* World’s No.1 Doctor recommended: Over 3000+ doctors
* Over 2,500 Newspaper & Television Acclaims (including New York Times #1 Best Sellers)
* Researched/Clinically tested by Universities and Governments
* Strongly recommended by more than 4 Diabetes Associations
* Licenses issued by 8 Government Authorities
* Best Metabolism Disorder Treatment of the Year 2010 Award Winner
* More than 300,000 Users
* Public Company listed on TSX Venture Exchange (Quote Symbol: EBM)

Eleotin® Bentley reinforced general health improvement, while Eleotin®’s long-term blood glucose normalization effects are maintained. In short, it is a general health booster, natural promoter of healthy blood glucose all in one.

It is fast, powerful and 100% safe.

Recently diagnosed mildly diabetic patients can expect better blood glucose control as well as general health promotion with Eleotin® Bentley. Serious diabetics are still recommended to consume Eleotin® Gold Capsule or Platinum Tea in addition to Eleotin® Bentley.   For non-diabetic people, Eleotin® Bentley is known to boost the immune system, reduce fatigue.

90 Capsules (1-2 capsules in the Morning, Afternoon, Night)

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