Dr. Kim’s Writings

The following are some of Dr. Youngsoo Kim’s recent writings published in newspapers and magazines.


Dr. Kim’s Writings:

  • Vancouver Korean Press Articles
    한국인과 한국기업의 카나다 진출전략 (1992)
  • A Beer Story: Chapter One
    Discovery of Ancient Egyptian Beer Recipe and its health benefits.
  • A Beer Story: Chapter Two
  • A Beer Story: Chapter Three
  • A Beer Story: Chapter Four
  • A Beer Story: Chapter Five
  • Blood and Milk: Chapter One
    Christian views on and a respect for Buddhist teaching.
  • Blood and Milk: Chapter Two
  • Blood and Milk: Chapter Three
  • Blood and Milk: Chapter Four
  • Changing Tastes
    A political essay on changing tastes.
  • Donations
    A religious essay on how often a good Christian makes donations.
  • Eagle Vision
    A religious essay on how to wait for God’s timing.
  • His Will
    A religious essay on how to know God’s will.
  • Hit Verb
    A political essay on how impatient modern men are formed and its implications.
  • Importance
    A religious essay on why the Book of Deuteronomy, the fifth book of the Old Testament, is so important. He argues that it is the most important document in all of human history.
  • Inevitability of Success Word
    A medical essay on nutraceutical products.
  • Menora Temple
    A religious essay on the recent fulfillment of Bible prophecy.
  • Morning Prayer Crying out
    A religious essay on how to pray.
  • Mr. L
    A political essay on the change in expressions in the news and media.
  • Mr. Bae and Pope
    A political essay about the woman everyone envied–for a while.
  • One Day Dog
    A political essay about some of the old politicians who out-survived their proper retirement timings.
  • Oska Wild
    A religious essay on who really is Jesus.
  • Season of Betrayal
    A political essay on recent political corruption scandals.
  • South West Wind
    A political essay on the patterns of political changes in Taiwan, Philippines, and South Korea.
  • Suffering
    A religious essay on what is real happiness.
  • Sundial: Introduction
  • Sundial: 1-1
  • Sundial: 12
  • Sundial: 3-1
  • Sundail: 3-2
  • Sundial: 4
  • Sundial: 5
  • Sundial: 6
  • Sundial: 7
  • Sundial: Conclusion
  • Sundial: Bibliography