Eleotin® Lip And Cheek (Face Lip Balm)



Eleotin® Lip And Cheek (Face Lip Balm) is a purely natural product that is non-toxic while safely providing sun protection, moisturizing, anti-oxidation and repairing effects around the lips.

Eleotin® Lip And Cheek (Face Lip Balm) only contains organic natural ingredients such as sea buckthorn oil, cranberry oil, carrot seed oil, natural vitamin E, pure honey and is a perfect substitute for ordinary chemical lip balms available in the market, which is safer and more effective.

As people age, their physical health weakens, the volume of their lips tends to decrease. Their color changes and wrinkles around the lips begin to appear. Therefore, aging lips are the primary indication of aging. Lips do not have an external protective film covering the epidermis unlike other parts of the skin making them more vulnerable.

The lips are shielded by the dermis, an inner protective film, however, the dermis in the lips is 50% thinner than the dermis in other skin areas. Lips do not contain sebaceous glands, which makes them more susceptible to water loss. Lips are also more prone to microbial infections and are particularly vulnerable to sun UV rays. Coupled with other health issues, the fragility of the lips can cause cracks and infection. The lips and the surrounding area are particularly sensitive to the sun possibly causing changes in the shape and color of the lower lip. This is not surprising, as lips have high UV exposure, magnifying the effects of sun-related aging.


Risk Information and Warnings:

If you have adverse reactions or allergies to coconut oil, almond oil, sea buckthorn oil, cranberry oil, carrot seed oil, natural vitamin E or pure honey, you should avoid using this product.

Additional information

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Coconut oil
Almond oil
Sea buckthorn oil
Cranberry oil
Carrot seed oil
Vitamin E
Pure honey