“Eastwood” on Social Network! (Complimentary Gift!)

“Eastwood” on Social Network!

(Complimentary Gift!)
Dear valued customers,

Thank you for trying our Eleotin products. Our goal is to restore your metabolism, so that people can be free from the fear of metabolism disorders, such as Diabetes, Obesity, Hyper-tension, as well as Alzheimer’s Disease. We believe, facilitating insulin production and restoring insulin sensitivity, are the keys to healing metabolism disorders.

We, as makers of Eleotin, are now reaching out to you via Social Networking Systems, such as Facebook and Twitter, to provide you with helpful tips and informative news on how to improve your health every day.

With today’s current technology in this huge information world, it’s been made possible to live in a Global Village, in which we can easily get connected, regardless of where you are. It can be a live information exchange place for you and for us, too!
We have a variety of clients who can help you by communicating on our Facebook wall.

Questions will be answered by our product consultants and Eleotin experiences will be shared, helpful tips are also going to be available.
Be the first one who participates in our Facebook well-being session!

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Recent Developments of Eastwood Bio-Medical Research Canada Inc.


Recent Developments of Eastwood Bio-Medical Research Canada Inc.

1. Eastwood Bio-Medical Research Canada Inc. (The Canadian Subsidiary of EBMR. EBMC, hereinafter) is likely to attain approximately 2,500% growth in yearly sales in terms of consolidated financial statements.  Dr. Youngsoo Kim, CEO, says that this abnormal growth is not a sign of any ‘real’ improvements, but a sign that EBMC’s had been kept artificially, ‘unnaturally’ quiet in previous years.  He says that this means that EBMC have just abandoned the artificially quiet behaviour, and have started to behave ‘normally’.

2. EBMC was awarded an approval to allow it to claim “Normalization (as opposed to control) of Blood Glucose Level”

3. EBMR, the mother company, began to transfer hard assets, such as office buildings & inventories into ownership of EBMC.
4. EMBR and EBMC succeeded in adding a few exciting new products.
5. There were a few newspaper reports on our companies and our products.  These are not advertisements, but third party reports.
6. Our consultants will contact all the investors to discuss the above progress and its’ implications.  We encourage all the investors to spend enough time with our consultants.  We thank them again for putting trust in us and joining us in our future.



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30+ reasons; why we are different from Other Blood Sugar Control Products?


30+ reasons;
Why we are different from Other Blood Sugar Control Products?

1. University Developed. World famous scientists involved.

2. Approved by many Governments. Tested by many Governments. No other competitor has more Government Approvals than our product does.

3. Award Winning.

4. Clinically-proven efficacies in animal and in human tests:

5. 100% Natural.

6. 100% Safe.

7. Clinically Proven Safety recognized by many Regulatory Agencies and Universities.

8. No other competitors have more clinical tests than our products.

9. No other competitors have more medical doctors recommending/using our products.

10. No other competitors have been reported on by the news media as much as our products.

11. 200,000+ recorded users. No other competitors have more unsolicited real name, written/ video testimonies than our products.

12. ‘Normalization (as opposed to temporary control)’ claim allowed by Government.

13. Proven Root-Cause Improvement.

14. 70% Near Normalcy restoration claims by Universities. Almost 100% improvement claims proven by Universities. Almost 100% qualitative improvement claims proven by Universities.

15. Classified as drugs in some countries, but no prescription needed in most countries

16. No Side Effects.

17. Reversal of Diabetes acclaimed by Diabetes Associations

*Independent and unpaid third parties. For official claims regarding Eleotin® products in North America, please refer to www.Eleotin.ca

18. Restoration of the body’s’ own natural metabolic function.

19. No other competitors have more Diabetes Associations Endorsements than us.

20. Universities/Hospitals recommendations.

*Independent and unpaid third parties. For official claims regarding Eleotin® products in North America, please refer to www.Eleotin.ca

21. No interactions with prescription meds.

22. No other competitors are written about in more books than ours.

23. Success cases in improving even Type 1 Diabetes.

24. With Semi-permanent effects.

25. 700 combinations tested over 19 years. Supported by & selected from 250,000 traditional combinations all over the world.

26. Exported to 30 countries.

27. GMP produced

28. Patent protected.

29. 250,000+ Google search results

30. One of the few natural products whose methods of action are scientifically ascertained.



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Male Sexual Performance Enhancement


Foolish and Dangerous Sexual Energy Tricks


Sensible and Medically Sound Male Enhancement Treatments

This short essay discusses healthy and sound solutions for erectile dysfunctions. Its main goal is to help the readers distinguish those fundamental sexual health improvements from so countless yet dangerous idiotic sexual enhancement tricks.

Sexual impotence and erectile dysfunction are embarrassingly private issues. Proud men refuse to discuss it and treat it with professional help. They often resort to ridiculously foolish back alley sex drugs and male pills. These treatments often inflict serious and permanent damages on men’s overall health. Almost always, they are exploitatively expensive. Many men feel lost and hopeless. They don’t have to.

It shouldn’t be that way. A healthy man in his 70’s is supposed to be able to perform rigorous sexual acts up to 3 to 4 times a week. But it is common today for men as young as thirty to lose their sexual confidence. Reduced libido leads to not only loss of sexual satisfaction, but also marital tension, and low self-esteem that affects a man’s social and professional life. Science has proven that men suffering from sexual problems tend to have weaker analytical abilities and poor judgment skills, and develop pessimistic and passive personalities. Surveys have also shown that these men are less likely to get promoted and more likely to be marginalized at their jobs.

What causes erectile dysfunction for so many men? There’s a long list of explanations. To begin, there are high levels of arsenic trioxide in the drinking water, cardiovascular diseases, various traumas, and depression. And then the list goes on. But the most serious and universal cause cause is actually ‘diabetes.’ Over fifty percent of all male sexual dysfunction cases are direct results from diabetic complications. Inversely, seventy percent of diabetic patients suffer male sexual impotence.

When people with sexual dysfunction go to a doctor’s office, the very first question doctors ask is naturally “Do you have diabetes?” Some even say that if a man suffers sexual dysfunction and is not yet diagnosed with diabetes, it is a matter of time that he will be diagnosed so. That is why male sexual dysfunction is called ‘type 4 diabetes’ these days. (For your understanding, type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that happens mostly in early childhood, type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle diseases often observed in the adulthood, and Alzheimer’s Disease is type 3 diabetes. For more information, please refer to www.medireport.com)

So really, diabetes and erectile dysfunction are actually the two sides of the same coin. To understand this better, let’s discuss the mechanics of ‘male erection.’

1) When the brain is sexually stimulated, it releases nitrogen oxide along with a few hormones into the blood stream.

2) Then, the corpora cavernosum (a sponge-like tissue composed of capillary blood vessels. Let’s call it ‘the sponge rod’ here.) in the penis softens up.

3) Blood flows into this softened sponge rod, making it larger. As this sponge rod enlarges, it presses arteries near the skin of penis from within penis so that the blood does not flow out of penis. More blood flows into the sponge rod, and no blood flows out. An erection is the result.


But, what if the blood vessels in the sponge rod are narrowed or even blocked because of diabetes? Erections become difficult, obviously. Secondly, diabetic blood with high sugar levels (which is very sticky) would not flow as easily as healthy blood. Erection becomes difficult. Also, diabetics commonly suffer numbness all over their bodies from damaged peripheral nerves and sensory impairments. Diabetic numbness is especially common in the genitalia area. Because of this numbness, sexual stimulus hardly gets relayed to the brain. The combination of vessel blockage, sticky blood, and the lack of sexual stimulus means no erection. Diabetes means no erection.

Once we understand the root causes of erectile dysfunction and male sexual weaknesses, the solution becomes very obvious. Narrowed, blocked and hardened capillary blood vessels in the sponge rod need to be softened and cleaned up. Sticky diabetic blood needs to be cleared up so that it circulates in capillaries more quickly. (Exactly same as how one should treat diabetes) Numb, paralyzed, and damaged nerves need to be healed. Then, sexual stimuli will get better transmitted to the brain, allowing it to release proper hormones in a more balanced manner.

However, people don’t always act rationally. Many men use artificial sexual stimulants. They become dependent upon these artificial stimulants very quickly. Too soon, sexual acts are impossible without these artificial stimulants. On top of all this, artificial stimulants are very harmful to the general health. Peripheral nerves and capillary blood vessels are permanently damaged. Total impotence become unavoidable as the body quickly develops resistance to the stimulants.

Pharmaceutical erectile enhancement stimulants like Viagra and Cialis are risky too. These pharmaceutical drugs merely play a dangerous game with the brain. Messing up the body’s natural hormonal balance system, these drugs do work for a while. But the consequences and side effects are serious: hearing impairment, cardiac arrests, and lung malfunctions. For some, the erection lasts more than a few days at the end of which they had to be ambulanced to emergency ward. Their side effects are critically dangerous for diabetes and hypertension patients, and even to hypotension (overly low blood pressure) patients.

The irony is that healthy people who don’t need drugs like Viagra or Cialis can safely use them recreationally for a while. But for those who have a medical need, these drugs are dangerous. These chemical sex drugs can be fatal to for those with sexual dysfunction because of diabetes or pre-diabetes – which is the majority of sexual dysfunction cases. It’s an idiotic and oxymoronic situation. Most of these drugs are used recreationally by those people who do not need them.

These drugs are too dangerous to be used by those who need them. These drugs are praised today by all kinds of media facets as successful pharmaceutical innovations. But we firmly believe that these drugs will be remembered as one of the gravest and the most disastrous acts of human folly. Truly, their multi-billion dollar per day marketing campaigns that went as far as employing US presidential candidates are the most sinister, brilliant, and commercially successful marketing campaigns of all time. These drugs are known to severely aggravate hypertension and diabetes. This, in turn, worsens the sexual problems. A vicious cycle begins and only worsens the situation.

Most users state that the sexual satisfaction and pleasure brought by these drugs somehow feel unnatural. This isn’t a surprising result. Sex should result in that most mysterious primitively deep and natural fulfillment. Chemically increased frequencies of sexual acts can actually aggravate lower self-esteem, dissatisfaction, and a sense of un-fulfilment. In addition, the resulting unnatural sexual encounters are followed by physical and mental exhaustion leading to chronic fatigues.

Traditional and folkloric treatments widely used for sexual problems in the past were somewhat effective. This is because they were intense forms of nourishment when most sexual problems in the past originated from malnutrition. In agricultural societies, for example, a lack of protein was a common cause of malnutrition and sexual dysfunction. Otherwise, these treatments mostly had placebo effects. Common treatments include taking meats from animals such as dogs, frogs, and snakes and cooking them thoroughly to kill the parasites. Common sense can determine the effect and value of these traditional and folkloric treatments. Still, one can’t deny the possibilities that these ‘proven aphrodisiacs’ can be effective – not because of the scientific properties of the ingredients, but because of the love and effort of those who prepared these delicacies.

Let’s use some common sense. Sexual problem and diabetes are the two sides of the same coin. Therefore, the healthiest diabetes treatment would also be, at the same time, the healthiest male sexual enhancement option. Also, the safest diabetes treatment would be the safest male sexual enhancement option.

Eleotin® is a government approved and 100% natural diabetes treatment and prevention product. It has been scientifically proven to be the safest and healthiest product known to cure the root causes of the disease semi-permanently.

Eleotin® eliminates that stickiness in blood (by lowering blood sugar level). The consequence of this is that it also helps blood circulation by eliminating blockages in the blood vessels, and softens up the hardened blood vessels. As a result, Eleotin® increases overall stamina (sexual stamina included), and restores the health of peripheral nerves. The obvious result? Eleotin® helps a person overcome impotence and erectile dysfunction.

Eleotin was initially researched/developed to restore general health of diabetes patients by the famous diabetes research centre at University of Calgary.

For the last 10 years, about 80,000 men have taken Eleotin® for their diabetes. Many of them volunteered to offer to testify that their sexual performance significantly improved. A common occurrence is that sexual performance actually improves before the blood glucose level decreases.

Eleotin® seems to have a similar effect on female users. They can reach an orgasm more easily because their peripheral nerves and vaginal area have become healthier.

Many Eleotin® users have testified that, not only did the frequency of sexual acts increase, but the pleasure and satisfaction also increased. They felt refreshed and re-energized the next day. Of course, they pressed us to produce more of it. Without us promoting it so, Eleotin® has even been sold quietly as sexual enhancement products.

To respond to the demand and also to protect our customers, Eastwood had to come up with a new product line focusing on enhancing the male libido. Thus, the Eleotin® Male Cleansing & Empowerment was born.


Click to order.

The main attraction of Eleotin® Male Cleansing & Empowerment is its absolute safety. It not only treats sexual dysfunction, but also works as a treatment and prevention for diabetes. Eleotin® Male Cleansing & Empowerment improves arterial sclerosis and hypertension, as well as improving overall health. It is absolutely safe for hypertension and diabetes patients. It is also beneficial for healthy people for sustaining good general health.

The effects are semi-permanent. The cleansed blood, and restored vessels and peripheral nerves stay healthy for extended periods of time. These effects sharply contrast with the brief potency of pharmaceutical drugs that frequently worsen the erectile dysfunction in the long term.

A dean of medicine from a prestigious university once opined to the public that Eleotin® and Viagra together could work wonders. Eleotin® would reduce Viagra’s side effects, while boosting its intended effects. This is a possibly interesting idea for further research.

Eleotin® is the only known 100% natural normalizer of long-term chronic metabolic disorders such as diabetes. Eleotin® has been approved in many countries.


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Secretive Health Formula For Chinese Leaders

One of the most famous women in the world today lives (?) in a rather normal Chinese suburb in Hunan Province amongst volumes of ancient silk scrolls.




This woman reached approximately fifty years of age before being buried between a pair of two hills long said to resemble a saddle.  She managed to lie there for 2,000 years virtually untouched by any effects of time or decay. Her beauty remains undiminished today.


Subject to the most intense fascination today, this miraculous woman was found buried in one of the three imperial grave sites now collectively called Ma Wang Dui (馬王堆). The graves here hail from the 1st century B.C. and house over a thousand priceless artifacts from the early Han Dynasty. Upon its discovery in 1971, Ma Wang Dui revealed a miraculously intimate look into that ancient era. Most of Ma Wang Dui’s artifacts were found and excavated between 1972 and 1974 and were put on display in the Hunan Provincial Museum.

Except for ‘some’ pieces that weren’t.


While much ado was made about the mummified beauty, the real find were certain articles and documents excavated near the woman. Government officials quietly classified these pieces as top national secrets and moved them to Beijing. Any contact between the public and these secret items was strictly prohibited.


Those items were eventually moved to Tsinghua (淸華) University, the most prestigious academic institution in China. There, an elite group of scientists and investigators researched these items for years. The results remained one of China’s top national secrets.


But I literally got a taste of it.


As a foreigner, it should have been impossible to have access to the research. But through a series of happenings adding up to one big, wonderful miracle, I stumbled upon the greatest discovery.


I own a company that produces health foods and drugs in Vancouver, Canada. (One of our leading products is Eleotin®, a diabetic treatment that has garnered much popularity over the years.)


A large Chinese population resides in Vancouver. Amongst these residents are many Chinese celebrities, key Chinese leaders, and their families. So it wasn’t a special occasion at all when I ran into a Chinese gentleman on the golf course bragging about his connections. In fact, I didn’t really care, and this mans connections were none of my business. But the golfer continued to say that he was going to recommend the Eleotin® product to one of the very top leaders in China. The golfer purchased several units of Eleotin®, and asked for a firm agreement from me not to reveal the leader who would use Eleotin®. The golfer did not want any implications that the leader was diabetic. I gladly agreed. After all, I didn’t care who the leader was or what condition he had as long as someone could pay for our products and be cured of diabetes.


I had forgotten this incident when I received a random call a few months later. Completely out the blue, a Chinese Government agency not only invited me to China to treat me as a national guest, but also gave me a practically instantaneous approval for one of our products. In addition to all these, they even appointed Tsinghua University as my Chinese partner. People still tell me that this was an unprecedented privilege for a foreign company and highly unlikely to ever happen again. I remain unbelievably grateful and privileged.


That strange chance encounter on the golf course was the beginning of the long collaborations between Tsinghua University and our company. These collaborations also produced personal friendships between Tsinghua researchers and myself – friendships which I cherish dearly to this day.


 Two years ago, a scientist confided in me that the documents taken from Ma Wang Dui contained a few ancient secrets about health. These top secret articles hidden away at Tsinghua University were in fact formulas of ancient medicines. The top Chinese leaders had classified these formulas as highly sensitive top national secrets, so that they could keep this ancient key to longevity and good health for themselves. Also, the scientist told me that the university’s team had been able to produce only an extremely small quantity as a result of their strenuous research efforts over many years. This small amount was exclusively reserved for a small circle of the country’s elite.


They then provided me with some samples. I accepted these with the utmost gratitude, and shared them with my family and close personal friends.


The most outstanding characteristic of this medicine is that it is the most powerful anti-oxidant naturally produced. As a result, the medicine has extremely powerful anti-aging and cancer prevention effects. It is also highly beneficial for the prevention and treatment of adult degenerative diseases. University scholars also emphasized that the formula is particularly good for the skin. I believe that this was the secret behind another ancient rumour. Two thousand years ago, the wife of Ma Wang Dui’s king had been called the greatest beauty in the land. Couldn’t this formula have been the key to that beauty?


Tsinghua University performed all of the experiments and researches. Neither my company nor myself have any affiliation with their findings on this secret medicine. All I have is a personal video of a two-hour conversation I shared with the researchers. A genuinely rare secret, the medicine could be shared with only a few close family members and friends, much less be marketed. I did not even try to obtain a license from Canadian Government for the sale of this product in Canada. Besides, the few who did try the formula, could hardly bear its taste.

I have no intention of changing the medicine’s flavor, or commercializing it. My only wish is to leave a written record that such an elixir exists.



Eleotin® is the only known 100% natural normalizer of long-term chronic metabolic disorders such as diabetes.  Eleotin® has been approved in many countries.

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Three Essential Nutrients for Metabolism Disorders

Three Essential Nutrients for Metabolism Disorders

Calcium Supplement (Eleotin Cal 20®), Vitamin D Supplement (Eleotin V3D®) and Garlic Extract Nutrition (Eleotin G 2000®): Three Essential Nutrients for Metabolism Disorders


Calcium is essential for the immune system, as well as bone generation and growth. Vitamin D facilitates calcium’s role in our body. And garlic contains natural vitamin-E, the so-called “cure for all”. All three are essential for our everyday health and particularly helpful for such metabolism disorders as diabetes and hypertension.  Vast research proves that these three help prevent and improve most metabolism disorder diseases.


One caution:  They should be consumed incorrect amounts, and in the ‘right’ combination.

For example, let’s say somebody has a large intake of calcium without consuming a matching proper amount of vitamin D. The calcium will not be absorbed properly throughout the body. As a result, the excess calcium will be simply secreted out of the body, or even accumulated in certain areas in the body, which will cause calcium accumulation which could lead to serious health problems.


The same goes with garlic.  Proper amounts of garlic should be consumed in combination with the correct amounts of calcium and vitamin D.  Too much garlic intake alone can cause dilution of blood, as well as other undesirable, serious even dangerous issues. The key is that the ‘right’ amounts are taken in the ‘right’ combination.

The special we are offering now is just that ‘right’ amount and the ‘right’ combination.  EBMR guarantees that the correct amounts of active ingredients are in the capsules.


Eleotin® is the only known 100% natural normalizer of long-term chronic metabolic disorders such as diabetes. Eleotin® has been approved in many countries.


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Join the Conversation and Make Money

1. If one of your Twitter followers decides to and

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But, simply, push the below two buttons and make money.


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Poor Sleep Quality Increases Hypertension Risk

Poor Sleep Quality Increases Hypertension Risk

A lack of deep sleep contributes to high blood pressure.  A new research shows that old men who get the reduced amount of deep sleep were 80% more likely to develop high blood pressure, compared to those who get longer, less interrupted sleep.

Researchers studied 784 men over the age of 65 who didn’t have hypertension.  They were given at-home sleep tests that measured their sleep patterns and non-rapid eye movement sleep, also known as “slow-wave sleep,” or deep sleep.  For more than 3 years, researchers monitored the participants’ blood pressure changes.

“Our study shows for the first time that poor quality sleep, reflected by reduced slow wave sleep, puts individuals at significantly increased risk of developing high blood pressure,” explains study author Dr. Susan Redline, MD, Professor of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

She says that too little deep sleep may cause parts of the brain that control the release of hormones and other substances related to maintaining proper blood pressure to work less efficiently, and that if your blood pressure doesn’t drop sufficiently while you’re sleeping, it might damage your blood vessels.  The results were published in the recent issue of Hypertension, a journal of the American Heart Association.

Eleotin® is the only known 100% natural normalizer of long-term chronic metabolic disorders such as diabetes.  Eleotin® has been approved in many countries.

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Medical Blunder (4) Power Shift and Medicine

The relationship between doctors and patients have changed constantly.

Up until the French Revolution, patients who pay all the bills have absolute superiority in power in their relationship with doctors.  But, since the French revolution, the governments began to pay important parts of the bills. The power relation has shifted. Doctors began to decline to treat the patients if patients do not really obey the instructions, which was unthinkable prior to that time.

This superiority of doctors in the medical relations was strengthened greatly as modern medical discoveries led us to believe that all diseases can be cured eventually with science and investments. The doctors began to represent the science. The superiority in power grew even further.

The pharmaceutical industry with their affinity with the governments strengthened the power of doctors so that they can exclusively monopolize and control the treatment industry permanently… Only doctors can treat diseases (but, doctors can use pharmaceutical drugs only….By the way, all the problems of life are basically diseases…That is what they positions are)


Such superiority of power was so great that even in the bulleting board of this website some doctors basically took the position of “I am God. You worship me”

But, everything changed recently.

Internet at first released enormous amount of information to patients. They began to expect doctors to give more than what they can get from the internet, which is very hard to comply with. Also, patients began to demand doctors to give opinions on alternative medicines other than from a confrontational stances. In the past, this was unthinkable. In the past, as soon as patients mention any alternative medicines, they were told to leave the clinic right way. Not any more. These days, about 300 MD’s are either using our products or recommending our products. This was unthinkable 10 years ago. At that time, any MD with very little knowledge and experience in diabetes  treatment habitually hurled insults at me and our company without checking any data.  They used to say “I am busy” when asked “have you read the data before you criticize the products?”  They did not feel foolish about saying so. They even felt professional when they criticize without checking what they were criticizing.

People also realized that doctors are not as helpful for chronic degenerative diseases as they used to be for infectious diseases. Therefore, the respects for the doctors who treat chronic diseases diminished relatively.

All these led to the power shift.

I frankly believe that doctors are wonderful people who help us tremendously. But, they are not Gods. And the respects and obediences patients gave them have disappeared recently and very quickly. I am not so sure whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.  As I wrote on the occasion of Mr. Jobs death, foolish disrespect for doctors highly likely will lead to disastrous medical blunders.

Other observations:


Many doctors migrated into semi-medical areas to increase their income. In Korea, many doctors run operations which are basically expensive massage parlors. General hospitals run 5 star hotel like so-called executive health check-up programs. MRI’s for common colds…Such trends will further accelerate the diminishing of the respects patients give to their doctors.

Medical Bluders (3): Science is all good?

I did my Ph.D at MIT in 1987. I met many Nobel Prize winners in person. I learnt from a few of them.  Science is a great thing. Without it, we could be still in the darkness of superstition.

Having said that, I always think that our worshipping of science has costed us something very very valuable.  “Something” unexplainable in terms of science. We lost them.

So called, Placebo effects/Natural Healings are known to account for 60% of all healings.  We tend to have lost them all.  How many times do we experience of getting well just by talking to doctors?  Somehow body heals itself without any scientific intervention.

When we are trying to find an active ingredient, knowing what is the placebo effects and what is truly actively active is very important.  But, that is only when we want to know what the active ingredients are. For most of us for most of times, we want to get well, rather than finding active ingredients. When we have serious illnesses and pains, we do not care whether helps are from the active ingredients or pure placebo effects.

Let me give an extreme case. If a bogus treatment has a tremendous placebo effect on cancer, would you not use it?  Modern medicine says “No”  But, I say “I do not care”  I believe that if it works we should use it. It is a matter of cost and effect. Unless the treatment is reasonable in its cost, and if it works, I just do not care whether it is from active ingredients or placebo effects.

I wish that medical schools teach more about how to maximize the placebo effects, rather than how to ignore it.

As for pharmaceutical companies, it is also known that most of their newer and more expensive drugs work better due to placebo effects. So, these days, pharmaceutical companies are pioneering a trend to maximize the usage of placebo effects.