ELEOTIN A300 – Astragalus (1 month)




Recommended for: Pre-diabetic, Hypoglycemic, Mild to Moderate Diabetic and people who prefers to use capsules than the tea.

ELEOTIN is good for everybody whether one has diabetes or not. It is a good, safe, health promoting product. Since ELEOTIN was designed for diabetics in mind by the world’s leading diabetes experts, diabetic patients receive additional health benefits than people without diabetes (explained in detail later) because they are in most need of the support that ELEOTIN provides.
The components of ELEOTIN make it an excellent health food for everyone. It increases the body’s own ability to purify or cleanse impurities through urination. This cleansing function also leads to the strengthening of a person’s immune system. “Cleansing” is a normal and natural mode of treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). ELEOTIN assists in the digestive process by providing natural substances that restore the balance among digestive enzymes. It is also an excellent source of high quality fibre and provides essential nutrients to a person’s pancreas.

Before Breakfast: One capsule of A300

Between Lunch and Supper: One capsule of A300

At Bedtime: One capsule of A300